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Communities in Eastland

Encompassing the centres of Gisborne and Wairoa, as well as the many rural communities that surround and supply these centres, Eastland is host to a diversity of Anglican communities that would love for you to join them.

Parish of Gisborne

Nestled in the centre of Gisborne city, ​Holy Trinity is increasingly an expression of the bi-cultural church we are becoming. With Sundays shared with Tikanga Māori this is a great community to experience the breadth of our church.


Parish of Waipaoa

Waipaoa Anglicans spread across the Poverty Bay flats, but are centred at St Lukes in Waerenga-a-hika. With a deep history that tells some of the story of our diocese, this is a church of embrace and action.


Parish of East Coast

Covering a large part of the eastern tip of the North Island, this parish works closely with Tikanga Māori to provide worship and community.


Parish of Wairoa

Centred at St Paul's Church in Wairoa, this community, though small, has the feel of a close family. With an emphasis on biblical teaching, personal relationship with God and expressive faith, they are happy to welcome any and all on a continuing walk of faith in God.


Co-operative Parish of Waikohu

As a cooperating parish, Waikohu gives expression to a diversity of perspectives, all centred on Jesus and his saving power. This community is spread widely across the land and hills, but gathers regularly together.


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