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Everyone who experiences the Anglican Church should feel safe.

As a church, we take our responsibility seriously to protect those in our care and services.

We acknowledge that we have not always done this perfectly and hope that below you can see the process of holding us accountable and how you can ensure the safety of others by raising your concern.

If your complaint is against an office holder in the church, please visit the Ministry Standards website for more information and to lodge any complaints. This is an entirely independent process that will assist you in the process.

Complaints Procedure

In a Parish

If your complaint is against another member of your community, first speak with your clergy and, if unable, your Archdeacon. If your complaint is against an office holder, lay minister or clergy person, please visit the Ministry Standards website to submit your complaint.

At a Diocesan Event

If you have a complaint regarding an experience at a Diocesan Event, please contact your Archdeacon. If this is not possible or does not resolve the complaint, please contact the Diocesan Registrar for advice on the correct process given the nature of your complaint.

In a Social Service

If your complaint is against someone you experienced as part of a social service of Anglican Care Waiapu, please contact the offices of Anglican Care Waiapu either via their website or by calling (06) 834 0376. If the social service was delivered by a parish community, please contact the local vicar or Archdeacon.

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