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Communities in Tauranga

Across the city, suburbs and coast of Tauranga, there are countless Anglican communities. With a variety of styles, expressions and ministries, there is somewhere for everyone.

Parish of Tauranga

Holy Trinity Church

The largest church in our diocese, Holy Trinity aspires to be a village in a world looking for belonging


Parish of Gate

St George's Church

St George's is a community that believes in the principles of justice, social equality and human rights that seeks to be with and for their community.


Pāpāmoa East Anglican Mission Church

The Anglican mission seeks to be a community that is close to home, welcoming of all and a place that serves its community.


Parish of Otūmoetai

St John's  Church

St John's is a warm and inclusive community that seeks to offer welcome to anyone that walks through the doors


Parish of Mt Maunganui

St Peter's Church and St Mary's Church

Incorporating St Peter's and St Mary's, Mount Maunganui parish seeks to be a place people are welcome, faith is developed and gifts are treasured.


Parish of Te Puke

St John the Baptist  Church

St John's is a small country parish that serves a large rural hinterland. While its worship is traditional, it is encouraging of new life and children.


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