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A new lease of life for St Luke's Organ

A 50 year servicing to bring new life to a beloved instrument

The culmination of much effort, fundraising and love, the treasured organ at St Luke's Church in Rotorua was finally installed in 1979 and dedicated by the Right Reverend Ralph Matthews, then Bishop of Waiapu.

Over the following 50 years, the organ has been played by some of the world's great organist, accompanied thousands of choral voices and lifted the hearts of thousands of those gathered around the table for communion, all while braving the challenging mixture of sulfur and other volcanic gases that Rotorua is famous for.

All of this service, and the accompanying wear and tear, has developed to a point where a significant restoration project needs to be undertaken to ensure that the instrument plays as well as it did in 1979 and can continue to serve the people of St Luke's and the city of Rotorua into the future.

With an estimated cost of approximately $60,000, as when it was first conceived the church is reaching out to all who may be interested in supporting this important project. Alongside a givealittle page, which can be found here, you are welcome to contact the parish on to offer any support you may be able. If you are able to make a financial contribution to this project, you are invited to deposit this into the following account: 02-0412-0041175-003 with the reference 'organ'. If you would like a receipt for this donation, please contact the email address above and one can be prepared for you.

For more about the community of St Luke's in Rotorua, you are encouraged to visit their website

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