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St Mary's consecrated

An important moment in history

On Saturday 12 August 2023, the church of St Mary's at Mt Maunganui was consecreated by the Right Reverend Andrew Hedge, Bishop of Waiapu. Although St Mary's has been used in the service of the Anglican community in Mt Maunganui for many years since being dedicated in 1987, it had not been fully consecrated as a building set apart for the worship of God. This gap represents the time it has taken the community to pay off all lending against the building and to secure it fully in the ownership of the church, such that it can be fully given back to God without caveat in the service of consecration.

Consecration marks the permanent commitment of the church to a space of gathering within a community. It affirms the mission and ministry of the church of St Mary and the Parish of Mt Maunganui that is at the heart of the declaration.

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