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24-7 Prayer in the BOP!

Author: Reverend Carl Tinnion, Mission Rejuvenator

I was part of the early days of 24-7 Prayer International starting up 25 years ago. It is an amazing organisation that promotes prayer and helps churches to set up creative prayer spaces, especially to reconnect people to a heart and rhythm of prayer. The basic premise is to allocate a prayer room on your premises, that is easy to access, and to launch 7 days of non-stop prayer where people sign up to individual prayer slots to cover a week of prayer. It is also good to do in partnership with other churches! You would be surprised how well people engage with this, and what a huge difference it can make to the life of a church. Holy Trinity Tauranga is going to launch 24 hours of non-stop prayer once a month with a view of building up to longer slots as capacity grows. Check out their website to find out more. 

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