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Clive and Haumoana

Who we are

In May, 2022, St Francis celebrated 46 years as an Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist Congregation.

Since its inception St Francis has been under the auspices of Anglican and Presbyterian churches for different periods of time and is currently under Anglican leadership. In 2014 St Francis signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the local Redeemer Lutheran Congregation which leads worship once a month and has a member on the Parish Council.

The parish has two worship places: at Ferry Road, Clive, and Beach Haumoana.  Worship is conducted weekly, by the Local Shared Ministry Team  or guest preachers. Two Communion Services are held each month.  Numbers attending worship average between 20-30. Worship is Lectionary-based and well supported musically. Covid ‘lockdown’ in March, 2020, was disruptive. Since then a weekly e-mail of Reflections on the Bible Readings has been available to members and is appreciated by those unable to attend worship.

Currently, St Francis does not have an employed full or part-time Minister. The Local Shared Ministry Team and Parish Council have merged to administer the parish.

St Francis sees itself as a servant church to the community. It hosts funerals and weddings. Over 20 community groups use the Clive facilities regularly. It takes its turn in running community services such as Anzac Day and 'Carols at Farndon Park.'  It contributes weekly to the Food  Bank and sponsors  Homework Notebooks for Clive and Haumoana Schools.

A monthly newsletter is produced and distributed to 80 homes. There is an active Ladies' Fireside Group, a Lunch Group and a ‘Drop-In’ centre where people meet for fellowship and lunch.

Ethos: Room for disagreement, and always conscious of two partner traditions (Anglican and Presbyterian). Friendly, caring congregation with leaders who try not to be over-powering.

Children: Children engaged in all services.

Social: Morning tea after worship; occasional parish dinner or lunch.

Training: A few attend Anglican and Presbyterian events; occasional Lenten and other programmes.

Outreach: Pastoral visits four times a year.

Highlights: Church worship is friendly, open and nurturing.Community carols; church fair; garage sale; special services.

Connecting with Us


45 Beach Road,



Catherine Webster

(06) 680 1084

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